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端午节的英语作文:儿时的端午节 The Dragon Boat Festival childhood

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端午节的英语作文:儿时的端午节 The Dragon Boat Festival childhood

At the memory of my childhood, apart from outside the Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Festival on a number of the most lively, and because parents are busy job, a child usually with my grandmother to stay in the countryside together. Dragon Boat Festival at that time to make me unforgettable.

With the usual, like the Chinese Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival the day before at night, so my grandmother will always obediently sat bedside, give me some holiday rules, such as talking nonsense not to not allowed to eat cold tzu not allowed with small partnership roughnot allowed to play in the water ... ... I have always been granted to his head. Grandma let me early, so that tomorrow can have a good spirit.

Good morning, I got up early, get dressed on the first toward the kitchen, when the grandmother has the kitchen to manage everything well, cooking up a few bundles tied and Gui Gui leaf rope, the nothing glutinous rice lying quietly filled a small bucket of water, like a pearl Jingying, cooking benches placed on some of the small dishes, which containing various materials: there is peanuts, there is red bean paste, there is meat, red pond.

So I sat eating breakfast table and watched busy grandmother.

The countryside are on both sides of the cooking, while used to boil water while cooking to cooking and grandmother had already cleaned the duck Add big pot, wooden ladle scoop from another pot of hot water a few dipper Add cauldron of water, and then also carefully Add 1 tsp salt, and then Tim foci in a few branches, it has been sitting next to me started to give my son a series network.

Grandmother‘s hand because of the long-term labor has rough bark like a general, but without losing dexterity, an envelope with red string woven into the sub on.

At this point, the eggs are cooked, the grandmother picked up one of the largest on the use of red paper red dye, and then do a clean cloth, into yard, hanging on my neck. Then, my grandmother pocket containing seeds, candy, peanuts, often very happy to me, because this way I can and small partners to look at a dragon boat race.

Grandmother always put me to the gate, asked the want me to come back as soon as possible to eat tzu. I always fell on the disappeared.

Small partners at this time are almost , and Sisters from the big head next door, led us to the river this group watch dragon-boat race. Because of the smaller rivers, so only two of the dragon boat, each boat has 13 individuals, 12 individuals paddle, one individual Ta and shouting slogans, One, Two, Hey Yo, one, two, as soon as possible, 12 dark young man moves neatly划着, two dragon boat sailed forward catch.

However, the children will know what look? We are only just a bustling Fig. Girls in general saw a moment, we found that boring, and sat to one side from snacks to share, boys, it is not, of their total enjoy chasing the dragon boat race down the shore, because of the people paddling up the larger, almost every boys who have significant traces of water splashing. perhaps a boat to the end of the bar, just things finished, stood up, with partners go hand happily go home.

The sun is also slowly climbing the air, the kitchen has a bay leaf fragrance, and I quickly jumped on the kitchen, the has been the major tzu. In general, I would put that on the threshold sit tzu eat clean, and occasionally there will be a few rice grains to eat chicken and watch the greedy big cock-like, I was also amused ... ...

Today, even though over the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother every year package tzu, made give my son, even though the mother‘s skill is not less than the grandmother, but I always feel that what less.

I really miss the Dragon Boat Festival childhood ah!




于是,我就坐在桌上一边 吃着早饭一边看着外婆忙碌着。









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